During my childhood, my father awoke in me a passion for Art and in time I discovered I wanted to dedicate my life to this. But he discouraged me, advising me to choose a more practical profession. I ended up in Tourism and spent 20 years in this sector, becoming sales manager of a luxury hotel in Marbella.

During all of these years, my sketching pads, pencils and paints have been my constant companions. I have to admit that I have always tried to integrate my passion for Art in my day to day life. I have helped in the elaboration of brochures, invented theme dinners with unique decorations and settings, designed my own furniture, organised special events and much more, all of this with the intention of calming the need to create something for the enjoyment of others.

Although I have not studied Art in a university, I have always tried to find professionals that would teach me the proper techniques. I was very fortunate to have Juanita Hull Carlson as my Art Teacher and would like to thank Enrique Calixto Rodriguez for conveying his knowledge, and for his constructive criticism.

I am presently using oil paints, on canvas and wood. Depending on the project, I experiment with different materials (cloths, papers, cardboard, sand, shells, etc...) with the intention of creating natural shadows, textures and embossments.

As I paint, my mind is already on my next creation. I feel that I lack the time to make all of my “dreams” come true!!!

All the images in this website are of my own creation. If you see something you like, feel free to contact me.

And if you wish to see "art in motion" and/or know where and when I am next exhibiting, check out the blog.