These are exclusive pieces.
I have a selection of work that I have created as "home accessories". They are another element, important, in interior design. The kitchen, terraces and gardens also form part of your living space - I have dedicated several series to decorate these corners of your home, fruit still life, different pottery items...
I am open to suggestions. Here are a few of the last commissions completed.
There are many ways of doing a portrait, capturing the essence of a person or persons, their look, posture, the way they move. Expression has no limit and beauty "is in the eye of the beholder".
In many families, a pet holds an important place. Why not space on the wall as well?
These creations have been carried out for pure personal pleasure, what I wanted or needed to do at a certain moment. Some have been given to friends, others are at home, giving me continuous pleasure. If you see something here that you like, I can make a reproduction, with a variation.
Expression has no limit. The colours, textures and composition in itself form part of a universal language. I hope you feel what I wanted to transmit.
I can send work by special delivery to any part of the world where DHL, Seur and/or a similar courrier service have a branch. For prices and payment terms, please contact me via e.mail.